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  • Norma Gray

CBD Isolate Powders

CBD isolates that are water-soluble can help your business.

Does your business offer water-soluble cannabinoids? Cannabinoids are highly hydrophobic, they don’t like mixing with water. They’re lipophilic substances; their water-loving tails are encircled by their oil-loving heads.

Chemically speaking, it’s incredibly difficult to mix cannabinoids–including CBD–with anything besides oils and fats. In the past, this has meant that to extract CBD, an oily medium was needed.

Thankfully, science has found a way to beat nature. With the advent of CBD isolate powders, your CBD company can now offer water-soluble CBD products.

Overriding nature’s laws with CBD isolate powders makes CBD consumption easy.

Your customers want an effective way to consume CBD, CBD isolate powders are their best option.

CBD is most beneficial when consumed with water, give give your customers the best CBD isolate powders that easily dissolve in liquid.

CBD isolate powders make CBD consumption easy, who’s your CBD isolate manufacturer?

Thoughtful consumers want CBD that doesn’t require an oily medium.

Are you in search of a trustworthy CBD isolate processor?

When sourcing CBD isolate powders for your healthy consumers, it’s important to work with a company that can show you, from seed-to-sale, exactly how their powders are created. Transparency about your company’s products is key to ensuring your first-time customers become your loyal fan base.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to show your customers exactly where your CBD isolate powders come from. If you’re looking to source CBD isolate powders from a transparent and trusted source, then contact us today!